#InternetForAll: We are providing technological, strategic and legal support for Community Owned Internet Networks.

The Internet is a Network of Networks

The net in Internet stands for Network

The Internet should be like our sidewalks, a Commons that connects people, students, teachers, organizations, nonprofits and for-profit entities. As a member of a community, your ownership consists of owning an antenna on your roof and a router in your household. The community members work together and share the cost of the connection to a Backhaul, or Internet Exchange Point.

Our interconnected websites

Join MichiganInter.net to form a Michigan chapter of the Internet Society Network to create jobs and keep money circulating in Michigan.

COINcommons is forming a nonprofit to produce educational materials that will be distributed using a Creative Commons license.

This platform uses LearnDash for the creation of online courseware. Over time we will be issuing certificates for network engineers and installers.

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