We are launching the Broadband Institute as a P2P platform cooperative to connect teachers and learners. You can then use what you have learned and choose the type of organization, you would like to build, to create a Community Owned Internet Network.

silhouette of tower under cloudy sky during daytime

Organization Types You Can Create

Talk to your neighbors, then decide how to build an ISP for your community.

For Profit

LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp

It is possible to start small and recoup investment in a couple of years. Jared Mauch built his own fiber ISP in Scio Township.



If your focus is more on education, this might be a good choice. Get different types of organizations working together.

Volunteer Org

Informal Communities

NYC offers a density of folks with technical experience and a willingness to learn and contribute within NYCmesh.

Stay tuned for the building of our educational tools

This video will give you a quick overview of how Althea works. Our educational tools will soon help you better understand what the hell they are talking about!